Basic Firearms LLC.

Basic Firearms classes are taught by David Zander. He is certified by the NRA to teach Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, and is a certified Safety Officer. He is also Certified by the Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun Owners as a CPL Instructor. David has the experience, attitude, knowledge, and skills essential to organizing, conducting, and supervising safe shooting activities and course work.

David has been teaching firearms courses since 2014.

Why Choose Basic Firearms for Your Training?

You have a lot of choices in Michigan when it comes to firearm training. Basic Firearms is committed to giving students the personalized attention they need to understand what they’re doing, feel confident when choosing to carry a firearm for personal protection.

Sometimes nerves come into play during a test. You might not hit your target during testing. We understand, and we give students personalized attention and tips to help build their confidence so they can pass their test. Students have three chances to pass the range portion of the CPL. Many students will fail the first try, but after working one on one with our instructors, most pass on the second try. The more you trust your firearm instructor, the more you’ll learn and be ready to defend yourself if the time comes.

Join a like-Minded Community

When you train with Basic Firearms LLC. you have the opportunity to join a community of people like you. Many of our students will continue to attend our monthly training course, “You’ve Got a CPL, Now What?” Once you’re a part of the Basic Firearms community, you will have access to new information, advanced training, support for firearm selection, and a lot more. If your only interest is getting your certificate and never seeing us again, that’s okay too.