Private Group CPL Class

From: $100.00

Per Person. Private classes require a minimum of 5 people. Please contact us prior to completing your booking to ensure availability of your desired date.

PLEASE NOTE: The calendar below will not show available dates until you contact us. We will then enable your desired date if it’s available so you can complete your booking.



Our private CPL course is exactly like the basic course, but for private groups of 5 or more people. This is ideal for businesses that want to give their employees the benefit of personal firearm protection. These classes are geared toward privacy and are conducted in a 100% private setting. Many people want to conceal a firearm, but not necessarily go to a public class.

Some of our private class participants have included:

  • Insurance companies
  • Real estate agencies
  • Healthcare industry workers
  • Retail business owners and staff
  • Customer service employees

Private CPL classes can be held anywhere within the state of Michigan. Contact Basic Firearms for details.

Additional information

Cedar Springs, MI

Cedar Springs Class Description

Jackson, MI

Jackson, MI Class Description


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